DSD's Engineers gave interviews to RTHK for the production of the TV Programme "The Role of Engineers in Hong Kong" (Date: 6/8/2012)

9 August 2012

Established in 1989, DSD has been paying unrelenting efforts to eliminate flood risks in order to protect lives and properties. With promising results, we aim to strive for the mission of “To provide world-class wastewater and stormwater drainage services enabling the sustainable development of Hong Kong”.

 "The Roads of Engineers in Hong Kong", a TV programme produced by RTHK, features  our Engineer Mr CL Leung who was responsible for the construction of “Sheung Wan Stormwater Pumping Station” project in Episode 1 and Ms Angela Yan, Resident Engineer for the construction of “Hong Kong West Drainage Tunnel” project in Episode 2. Through an interesting story line, the programme introduces the role of engineers in Hong Kong and their contributions.

Behind the scenes:

Behind the scenes 1


Behind the scenes 2

Behind the scenes 3

Behind the scenes 4

For more information about the programme, please refer to the following hyperlinks: (Chinese only)

Episode 1: http://programme.rthk.hk/rthk/tv/programme.php?name=tv/hkengineeringndreams&d=2012-07-30&p=5575&e=184549&m=episode

Episode 2:http://programme.rthk.hk/rthk/tv/programme.php?name=tv/hkengineeringndreams&d=2012-08-06&p=5575&e=186383&m=episode



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