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DSD Technical Circulars and Practice Notes

List of DSD Technical Circulars and DSD Practice Notes
List of DSD Technical Circulars and DSD Practice Notes still in Force
DSD Technical Circular
2/2018 - Safety Training For DSD Staff
1/2018 - Recommendation for the Employment of Consultants
2/2017 - Project Estimates, Pre-tender Estimates and Impossibility/Unforeseen Ground Conditions/Utility Interference
1/2017 - Temporary Flow Diversions and Temporary Works Affecting Capacity in Stormwater Drainage Systems
1/2016 - Dry Weather Flow Interceptors
5/2015 - Approval and Related Authorities for Variations and Claims under Works Contracts
4/2015 - Tree Works Vetting Panel of DSD
3/2015 - Vetting Committee on Aesthetic Design of Drainage Services Buildings
2/2015 - Reporting New Sewer Connections and the Related Procedures
1/2015 - Knowledge Management Portal
2/2014 - Handling and Managing Serious and Emergency Incidents
1/2014 - Co-ordinated Replies
3/2012 - Confined Space Safety Training for Competent Persons and Certified Workers Engaged in DSD's Works
2/2012 - Proactive Approach to Site Safety Management
1/2012 - Lands Department Consent Scheme Forward Sales of Residential Flats
1/2011 - Handling of Utility Services Encroaching upon Public Drainage Facilities
2/2010 - Guidelines on the Provision and Control of Use of Contract Transport
2/2008 - Handling of Abandoned Pipes under DSD's Purview
11/2006 - Financial Control of Consultancy Agreements
10/2006 - Resident Site Staff Establishment Committee
6/2006 - Delegation of Powers of the Drainage Authority under the Sewage Services Ordinance (Cap. 43), its Subsidiary Regulations and the Technical Memorandum 
5/2006 - Reporting of Serious Accident on Drainage Services Department Works Sites
3/2006 - Liaison with Labour Department and Marine Department on Site Safety Matters
5/2005 - Independent Inspection Agents
2/2005 - Improvement Measures for Pipelaying Contracts in Urban Areas 
8/2004 - The Management and Assessment of Risks of Time-critical Projects 
4/2004 - Public Works Subcommittee Submissions
3/2004 - Block Allocation 4100DX - Drainage Works, Studies and Investigations for items in Category D of the Public Woks Programme
3/2002 - Follow-up actions on Technical Andit Reports
2/2002 - Departmental Safety Mannal
5/2000 - Sewage Services Ordinance (Cap. 463) Instrument of Authorization
5/99 - Guidelines to prevent and to deal with problems associated with unreasonable high rates in Bills of Quantities
8/96 - Restrictions on Working Hours in Capital Works Contracts Arising from Traffic Needs
4/94 - Discharge of Air-Conditioning Cooling Water to Public Drainage System
DSD Practice Note
DSD Practice Note No. 2/2018 Definition of Flooding and Classification of Flooding Blackspots
DSD Practice Note No. 1/2018 Night Work by Contractors
DSD Practice Note No. 2/2017 Assessment on the Effects of Construction Activities on Drainage and Sewage Tunnels and their Associated Structures 
DSD Practice Note No. 1/2017 Design Rainfall Depth and Profile for Temporary Works within the Dry Season
DSD Practice Note No. 1/2016 Guideline on Dry Weather Flow Interceptors
DSD Practice Note No. 1/2015 Guidelines on Environmental and Ecological Considerations for River Channel Design
DSD Practice Note No. 3/2012 Safety Supervision of Work in Confined Space
DSD Practice Note No. 1/2012 Administration Procedure for Excavation in Unleased GovernmentLands under the Land (Miscellaneous Provisions) Ordinance (CAP28)
DSD Practice Note No. 1/2011 Design Checklists on Operation & Maintenance Requirements
DSD Practice Note No. 3/2010 Design Consideration for the Large Deep Gravity Sewers
DSD Practice Note No. 1/2010 Guidelines for Hand-over of Completed Works to Operation and Maintenance Parties
DSD Practice Note No. 1/2008 Design Guidelines for Multi-part Covers
DSD Practice Note No. 3/2003 (Version No. 2) Design Considerations for Open Channels Accommodating Supercritical Flows
DSD Parctice Note No. 1/2003 (Version 3) Design of Stormwater Inlets
DSD Practice Note No. 1/2002 Safety of Operation of Excavators
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