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Dragon Boat Races 2014 – "HATS Dragon Boat" Team (Date: 30/05/2014)

Same as last year, Harbour Area Treatment Scheme (HATS) Division of Drainage Services Department (DSD), the consultants and the contractors under HATS Stage 2A contracts formed a ‘HATS Dragon Boat’ team and participated in dragon boat races at Repulse Bay, Deep Water Bay and Chai Wan this year.  Through participating in this event, we hope to develop a good parterening and team spirit among the staff of HATS Stage 2A contracts and to promote the HATS project to the public.  At the same time, all of us are encouraged to do more physical exercise for promoting work-life balance.


More than 50 staff joined the "HATS Dragon Boat" team and participated in the training and races from March to May 2014.  After intensive trainings, all paddlers including the new comers could follow the drum beats to paddle and then achieved excellent results in the dragon boat races.  The success of this activity depended on the coach’s patient guidance, the team’s hard work and persistence and the organizers’ efforts.  In addition, we would like to thank  our colleagues, consultants and contractors for their full support to the activity.

Achievements of the "HATS Dragon Boat" Team 2014





27 April 2014

Repulse Bay


Gold Plate Final - Merit




Silver Bowl Final – Third Runner-Up

11 May 2014

Deep Water Bay


Bowl Final – First Runner-Up

25 May 2014

Chai Wan


Top 10 to Final; Silver Cup Final - Merit




Silver Plate Final – First Runner-Up


 "HATS Dragon Boat" team achieved excellent results in the dragon boat races

"HATS Dragon Boat" team achieved excellent results in the dragon boat races

"HATS Dragon Boat" team

"HATS Dragon Boat" team 

Trophies won  in 2014

Trophies won  in 2014

2014 Eastern District Dragon Boat Race

2014 Eastern District Dragon Boat Race