Works to improve water quality in Sham Tseng areas (12/3/1999)

1 January 1997

The Drainage Services Department will start advance works of Sham Tseng Sewerage with a view to improving the water quality there.

The works, which are part of the Ting Kau and Sham Tseng Sewerage Scheme, will provide a proper sewerage system for collection, treatment and disposal of sewage from Ting Kau, Sham Tseng and Tsing Lung Tau areas.

About 1.3 kilometres of trunk sewers from Sham Tseng Tsuen to the reclamation area south of Garden Company Limited and a total of 2.2 kilometres of village sewers for Sham Tseng Tsuen and Pai Min Kok Tsuen will be constructed. The diameters of the sewers range from 15 to 90 centimetres.

Works will start in June for completion in 22 months.

End/Friday, March 12, 1999

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