Unusual Settlement in Tseung Kwan O closely monitored (29/10/1999)

29 October 1999

In response to media enquiries on unusual ground settlement in Tseung Kwan O , a spokesman for the Works Bureau said today (Friday) that the Government departments concerned would continue to monitor the situation closely and take appropriate actions where necessary.

The spokesman confirmed that unusual settlement had been recorded at some areas of the new town which lie on reclaimed land, including the town centre, Area 86 and Tseung Kwan O Industrial Estate.

"Ground settlement is a normal phenomenon in newly reclaimed land but in the case of Tseung Kwan O, the amount of settlement is greater than expectation --about 850 mm compared with the normal amount of 150 to 300 mm," the spokesman said.

"Investigation into the cause of the unusual settlement is continuing. So far we have found no evidence of problem with either the design or the quality of construction of the reclamation," he noted.

"The unusual settlement may be caused by a number of factors, including changes in ground water level which are affecting deeper soil layers that do not normally settle," he said.

"Within the town centre, there are several completed buildings and buildings under construction, and none of them are at risk," he noted.

"The buildings are on piled foundations," he explained.

End/ Friday, October 29, 1999

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