DSD's response to Ombudsman's Report / Sewage treatment works to upgrade for Sheung Shui development IIII (5/1/1998)

1 January 1997


DSD's response to Ombudsman's Report

In response to the Ombudsman's "Investigation Report on the Co-ordination between the Drainage Services Department (DSD) and Environmental Protection Department (EPD) over the Protection of Public Beaches from Being Polluted by Sewage Discharges" today (Monday), a DSD's spokesman said the following:

"The department welcomes the comments and recommendations in the Report, and, in fact, has carried out improvement measures to address the issues and enhance our services to the public.

To deal with commonly encountered incidents which may have an adverse impact on the environment, a departmental Task Force was set up in November to map out a comprehensive contingency plan for staff of sewage treatment facilities at operational and managerial levels.

In addition, we are critically reviewing our technical circular on 'Reporting of Incidents to Headquarters' with a view to stepping up co-ordination within the department in dealing with emergencies.

Meanwhile, we will work closely with the EPD and other relevant government departments under a new Beach Pollution Response Plan. The Plan sets out clearly the responsibilities and line of communication in incidents requiring a prompt response.

The DSD has also joined hands with EPD in employing a consultant to carry out an 'Investigation into Bathing Beaches Water Quality' study. Its aim was to identify problems that may be faced by bathing beaches which are near sewage treatment works and come up with suitable solutions."

End/Monday, January 5, 1998

Sewage treatment works to upgrade for Sheung Shui development

The facilities of Shek Wu Hui Sewage Treatment Works (STW) will be upgraded to meet the planned development in Sheung Shui and Fanling areas up to 2011, the Assistant Director (Projects and Development) of the Drainage Services Department (DSD), Mr Keith Murrells, said today (Monday).

The project is part of the North District Sewerage Master Plan which aims to provide comprehensive sewerage facilities for the area.

Signing a contract for the project works, Mr Murrells said that denitrification and disinfection facilities would be installed to increase the capacity of the STW by about 33 per cent, from 60,000 cubic metres to 80,000 cubic metres per day.

Upon completion of the upgrading works in late 2001, the sewage generated from the new towns in Sheung Shui and Fanling, surrounding villages and the Sheung Shui Slaughterhouse will be treated according to the latest standard for discharge into River Indus.

"The effluent quality will be improved as nutrient removal and disinfection facilities are added. This will improve much the water quality in River Indus," Mr Murrells said.

The contract, which covers civil works only, was awarded to China Fujian Corporation for International Techno-Economic Co-operation at a cost of $166.4 million.

The upgrading works comprise two contracts - civil works and electrical and mechanical works. The other contract will be awarded soon.

End/Monday, January 5, 1998

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