Water discharged from Shenzhen reservoir / Water discharge from Shenzhen has no adverse impact (15/1/1998)

15 January 1998


Water discharged from Shenzhen reservoir

Hong Kong has been informed by the Shenzhen Authority that water would be discharged from the Shenzhen reservoir from about 10 am today (Thursday).

There may be a risk of flooding in some parts of the New Territories. Various government departments, including District Office (North), Drainage Services, Police, Fire Services, Water Supplies and Social Welfare have been informed in order that they can take any necessary measures.

The District Office (North) is making arrangements to inform local residents of the appropriate actions to take.

End/Thursday, January 15, 1998


Water discharge from Shenzhen has no adverse impact

The Drainage Services Department has not observed any flooding impact resulting from the discharge of water from the Shenzhen Reservoir from 10 am to 3 pm today

"During the period, we monitored water levels closely by means of six water gauges planted in areas likely to be affected by the discharge. Readings of these gauges were transmitted to our flood control centre instantaneously and interpreted by engineers who would alert departments concerned of any incident," a spokesman for the department said.

"The readings taken today showed that water levels were well within acceptable level," the spokesman added.

It is understood that water was discharged into the Shenzhen River at a rate of 30 cubic metres per second.

End/Thursday, January 15, 1998


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