Shenzhen River training enters its third stage (6/2/1998)

6 February 1998

The Shenzhen River Regulation Project took a major step forward today (Friday) with the signing of a consultancy contract in Shenzhen on the design of works in
Phase II of its third stage.

A spokesman for the Drainage Services Department said this phase of works consisted of straightening, deepening and widening a five-kilometre section of the river running from Liu Pok bend upstream to the confluence of the River Ganges.

The consultants will design the new river channel, including modifications to the existing cross boundary bridges and related facilities at Man Kam To and Lo Wu,
which will be affected by the river improvement works. The cross boundary traffic will be maintained during the construction period.

The consultants will also provide design-related services, such as checking the contractor's alternative design proposals during the construction period.

They are required to complete their design and study in the year 2000. Construction works will then begin following the completion of the Stage II works.

The consultancy contract was awarded to the Planning, Design and Research Institute of the Changjiang Water Resources Commission and the Hong Kong Binnie Consultants Limited at a cost of $7.28 million.

The Shenzhen River Regulation Project aims to reduce the risks of flooding in the Northern New Territories and the Shenzhen city. It covers 18 kilometres of the river
between the Deep Bay Estuary and the confluence of the River Ganges.

Stage I involved the straightening of the meandering sections near Lok Ma Chau and Liu Pok and was completed in last April. Stage II began immediately afterwards to
improve the remaining section of about seven kilometres of the river between Lo Wu and Deep Bay. It is scheduled for completion at the end of the year 2000.

End/Friday, February 6, 1998

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