Drainage Services Department

PWP No. 4430DS

Tolo Harbour sewerage of unsewered areas, stage 2 – phase 2

Project Scope

The scope of the project comprises (a) the construction of a sewage pumping station at Cheung Kang; (b) the modification of a sewage pumping station at Tai Po Kau; (c) the construction of about 300 metres of twin rising mains; (d) the construction of about 5.6 kilometres of gravity sewers in Cheung Kang, Ma Niu, Ha Wong Yi Au and Care Village; and (e) ancillary works

Major Improvements and Benefits

To improve the water quality of Tolo Harbour catchment and sanitary conditions of 4 unsewered areas within the Tolo Harbour catchment, namely Cheung Kang, Ma Niu, Ha Wong Yi Au and Care Village.  The sewerage system will serve an estimated population of about 3300.


AECOM Asia Company Limited


Kuly Construction & Engineering Company Limited

Contract No.
Project Commencement Date
24 July 2020
Project Completion Date
Mid 2024
Project estimate

About $308.1 million

Controlling Division
Special Duty Division
Sewerage and sewage treatment
Sha Tin; Tai Po
Other Information
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