Drainage Services Department

PWP No. 4413DS

Enhancement works for Kwun Tong sewage pumping station

Project Scope

Construction of a balancing tank and its ancillary facilities to temporarily retain excess preliminarily treated sewage discharged from the upgraded Kwun Tong preliminary treatment works; a plant house with ventilation system to enclose the balancing tank and the Kwun Tong Sewage Pumping Station (KTSPS); deodorization systems for the balancing tank and the KTSPS; a landscaped deck at the roof of the plant house; and other ancillary works

Major Improvements and Benefits

• To increase the sewerage capacity and optimise the usage of the existing HATS system
• To avoid any unacceptable impact to the Victoria Harbour due to the overflow of excess preliminarily treated sewage; and
• To reduce the odour and visual impact to the public.


Atkins China Limited


China Geo-Engineering Corporation

Contract No.
Project Commencement Date
31 December 2017
Project Completion Date
31 December 2022
Project estimate

About $1,054.4 million

Controlling Division
Harbour Area Treatment Scheme Division
Sewerage and sewage treatment
Kwun Tong
Other Information
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