PWP No. 4412DS

Yuen Long Effluent Polishing Plant - Consultants' Fee and Investigation

Project Scope
(a) an investigation study as well as preliminary and
detailed design of Yuen Long Effluent Polishing Plant;
(b) impact assessments on the environmental, drainage, geotechnical, traffic and other aspects; (c) public engagement and consultation with relevant stakeholders;
(d) preparation of tender documents and assessment of tenders; and
(e) associated site investigation works and supervision.
Major Improvements and Benefits
To upgrade the effluent standards and the treatment capacity of YLEPP
CE 3/2015 (DS) AECOM Asia Company Limited
Project Commencement Date
19 May 2016
Project Completion Date
2022 (Investigation and Design Stage)
Project estimate
About $61.8M
Controlling Division
Sewerage Projects Division
Sewerage and sewage treatment
Yuen Long
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