PWP No. 4411DS

Upgrading of San Wai sewage treatment works – phase 1

Project Scope
Upgrading of the sewage treatment level from preliminary treatment to chemically enhanced primary treatment with disinfection; expansion of the treatment capacity to 200,000 cubic metre per day; construction of ancillary works including an administration building, a maintenance workshop, access roads and landscaping works
Major Improvements and Benefits
Upgrading the treatment level of San Wai sewage treatment works will help to reduce pollution loads to the North-western Waters; and expansion of the treatment capacity will be able to cater for additional flows due to population growth in Northwestern New Territories
AECOM Asia Company Limited
DC/2013/10 – ATAL-Degremont-China Harbour Joint Venture
Project Commencement Date
May 2016
Project Completion Date
End 2020
Project estimate
$2,572.3 million
Controlling Division
Harbour Area Treatment Scheme Division
Sewerage and sewage treatment
Yuen Long
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