PWP No. 4406DS

Shek Wu Hui sewage treatment works – further expansion phase 1A – advance works, consultants fees and investigation

Project Scope

For Phase 1A Advance Works:
conversion of one existing bioreactor and two existing final sedimentation tanks into one membrane bioreactor

For Phase 1A Main Works Consultancy:
(a) detailed design of sewage and sludge treatment facilities;
(b) impact assessments on environment, drainage, geotechnical, waterworks, traffic and other aspects necessary for detailed design;
(c) preparation of tender documents and assessment of tenders;
(d) the site investigation, surveys and laboratory testing in support of the detailed design work and impact assessments

Major Improvements and Benefits
To upgrade the effluent standards and the treatment capacity of the Shek Wu Hui Sewage Treatment Works
CE 9/2014 (DS) - AECOM Asia Company Limited (Main Works)
DC/2013/09 - Tsun Yip Waterworks Construction Company Limited (Advance Works-Civil)
DE/2014/01 The Jardine Engineering Corporation Limited (Advance Works- E&M)
Project Commencement Date
11 May 2015
Project Completion Date
End 2026
Project estimate
About 503 M
Controlling Division
Sewerage Projects Division
Sewerage and sewage treatment
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