PWP No. 4402DS

Feasibility Study on Relocation of Sai Kung Sewage Treatment Works to Caverns

Project Scope
  1. detailed engineering feasibility study on relocation of Sai Kung Sewage Treatment Works (SKSTW) to caverns and associated works, including relevant preliminary technical and impact assessments, preparation of outline design for the engineering works and formulation of implementation strategies and programmes;
  2. planning review with broad technical assessment of the future land use of the existing SKSTW site for the purpose of establishing a business case for relocating SKSTW to caverns;
  3. public engagement and consultation exercises with relevant stakeholders; and
  4. associated ground investigation works.
Major Improvements and Benefits
The study will ascertain whether it is technically feasible and financially viable to relocate SKSTW to caverns. Its relocation to caverns will release the existing site of about 2.2 hectares for housing and other purposes that will enhance our living quality and will bring extended benefits to the community and environment of Sai Kung
Black & Veatch Hong Kong Limited
Contract No.
CE 17/2014 (DS)
Project Commencement Date
29 August 2014
Project Completion Date
28 December 2018
Project estimate
About $40 million
Controlling Division
Consultants Management Division
Sewerage and sewage treatment
Sai Kung
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