PWP No. 4382DS

Sewerage at Clear Water Bay Road, Pik Shui Sun Tsuen and West of Sai Kung Town

Project Scope
Construction of about 12.8 km of sewers for 11 unsewered  areas, one sewage pumping station, about 3.6 km of trunk sewers, about 900m of twin rising mains and ancillary works in Sai Kung.
Major Improvements and Benefits
To improve the water quality of Port Shelter and sanitary condition in 11 unsewered areas in Sai Kung
Black & Veatch Hong Kong Limited
Project Commencement Date
Jan 2013
Project Completion Date
10 May 2018
Project estimate
$359 million
Controlling Division
Consultants Management Division
Sewerage and sewage treatment
Sai Kung
Other Information
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