PWP No. 4377DS

Upgrading of Central and East Kowloon Sewerage - Phase 2

Project Scope
The project aims at upgrading of existing sewers and construction of new sewers of a total length of about 7 kilometres in Kwun Tong, Yau Tong, Ngau Tau Kok, Kowloon Bay and Ngau Chi Wan.
Major Improvements and Benefits
Provision of new sewerage facilities as well as upgrading of existing sewerage facilities in Central and East Kowloon areas to cater for the planned and forecast developments.
Atkins China Limited
DC/2010/06 - SK & DIX JV
Contract No.
, , , ,
Project Commencement Date
30 June 2011
Project Completion Date
15 March 2016
Project estimate
About $503 million
Controlling Division
Consultants Management Division
Sewerage and sewage treatment
Kwun Tong; Kowloon City
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