Drainage Services Department

PWP No. 4372DS

Rehabilitation and construction of trunk sewers underneath Shing Mun River Channel

Project Scope

The scope of the project comprises –
Construction of about 250 metres (m) of a twin pipe trunk sewer underneath Shing Mun River Channel (SMRC) with a diameter of 1 500 millimetre (mm) for each pipe; and
Subsequent rehabilitation of about 250 m of an existing gravity trunk sewer underneath SMRC with a diameter of        2 050 mm

Major Improvements and Benefits

To provide a duplicate trunk sewer to allow for routine inspection and rehabilitation of the existing trunk sewer


Welcome Construction Company Limited

Contract No.
Project Commencement Date
15 February 2011
Project Completion Date
13 November 2019
Project estimate

Aboout $140 million

Controlling Division
Sewerage Projects Division
Sewerage and sewage treatment
Sha Tin
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