PWP No. 4370DS

Village Sewerage at Wang Chau of Yuen Long

Project Scope
The scope of project comprises the construction of:
i) about 9 km of sewers for nine unsewered areas in Wang Chau of Yuen Long
ii) a new sewage pumping station near Tung Tau Industrial Area
iii) ancillary works.
Major Improvements and Benefits
To improve the water quality in Deep Bay and the sanitary environment for 9 unsewered villages at Wang Chau
Black & Veatch Hong Kong Limited
DC/2009/02 - CPC Construction Hong Kong Ltd.
DE/2009/08 - REC Engineering Company Limited
Contract No.
DC/2009/02, DE/2009/08, , ,
Project Commencement Date
31 July 2009
Project Completion Date
Mid 2013
Project estimate
About $219 million
Controlling Division
Sewerage Projects Division
Sewerage and sewage treatment
Yuen Long
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