PWP No. 4366DS

Kau Lung Hang sewerage – trunk sewers, pumping station and rising mains

Project Scope

Construction of a new sewage pumping station at Nam Wa Po, about 0.5 km of rising mains at Tai Wo Service Road West, about 1.1 km of gravity sewers at Tai Wo Service Road West and Wo Hing Road and ancillary works.

Major Improvements and Benefits
To improve the water quality in Deep Bay and condition of unsewered villages/area in North District and Tai Po.
AECOM Asia Company Limited
DC/2008/07 - Dix Construction & Transportation Limited
Contract No.
DC/2008/07, , , ,
Project Commencement Date
17 February 2009
Project Completion Date
18 October 2012
Project estimate
About $100 million
Controlling Division
Project Management Division
Sewerage and sewage treatment
North; Tai Po
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