PWP No. 4348DS

North District and Tolo Harbour Sewerage, Sewage Treatment and Disposal – Regional Sewerage Works, Part 1 – Sewerage Upgrade

Project Scope
To upgrade the existing trunk sewers and sewage pumping stations in North District and Tolo Harbour Catchment to meet the future need.
Major Improvements and Benefits
To meet the long-term development needs of North District and Tolo Harbour Catchment.
AECOM Asia Co. Ltd.
DC/2009/07 - China Road and Bridge Corporation - Dix Construction & Transportation Ltd. Joint Venture
DC/2009/14 - Sang Hing Civil Contractors Co.Ltd.
DE/2010/01 - Torishima (Hong Kong) Limited
DE/2010/04 - REC Engineering Company Limited
Contract No.
DC/2009/07, DC/2009/14, DE/2010/01, DE/2010/14,
Project Commencement Date
31 Jan 2008
Project Completion Date
31 March 2015
Project estimate
About $730 million
Controlling Division
Consultants Management Division
Sewerage and sewage treatment
North; Sha Tin; Tai Po
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