PWP No. 4347DS

Port Shelter Sewerage Stage 3 — Sai Kung Area 4 Sewerage

Project Scope

Construction of 1 pumping station, 4.4 km rising mains and 0.7 km gravity sewers in Sai Kung Area 4.

Major Improvements and Benefits
The proposed project will provide a public sewerage at Sai Kung Area 4 to improve the environment and water quality in Port Shelter.
DC/2005/11 - Kwan Lee Holding Limited
DE/2006/03 - Jardine Engineering Corporation
Contract No.
DC/2005/11, DE/2006/03
Project Commencement Date
7 March 2006
Project Completion Date
14 Februrary 2011
Project estimate
About $73 million
Controlling Division
Sewerage Projects Division
Sewerage and sewage treatment
Sai Kung
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