PWP No. 4329DS

Upgrading of Pillar Point Sewage Treatment Works

Project Scope

Upgrading of the sewage treatment level from preliminary treatment to chemically enhanced primary treatment with disinfection; expansion of the treatment capacity from 215 000 cubic metre per day to 241 000 cubic metre per day; provision of new septic waste reception and treatment facilities; and ancillary works.

Major Improvements and Benefits
Upgrading the treatment level of the existing Pillar Point Sewage Treatment Works will help to reduce pollution loads to the North-western Waters; and expansion of the treatment capacity will be able to cater for additional flows due to population growth in Tuen Mun District.
AECOM Asia Co. Ltd.
DC/2008/03 - ATAL – Degrémont – China State Joint Venture
Contract No.
Project Commencement Date
28 July 2010
Project Completion Date
May 2014
Project estimate
Controlling Division
Harbour Area Treatment Scheme Division
Sewerage and sewage treatment
Tuen Mun
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