PWP No. 4276DS

Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works Stage 3 Extension

Project Scope
The project aims at extending and upgrading of Sha Tin sewage treatment works to cope with the forecast demands of Sha Tin and Ma On Shan areas.

The scope of works comprises -

(a) construction of inlet works including one aerated grit channel, two sets of de-gritting equipment, two flume channels and one fine screen;
(b) construction of ten primary sedimentation tanks and the associated sludge pumping stations;
(c) construction of ten aeration tanks, one air blower house and the associated drainage pumping stations;
(d) construction of 20 final sedimentation tanks and the associated sludge pumping stations;
(e) construction of ultra-violet disinfection facilities;
(f) construction of sludge treatment facilities including six digestion tanks, one boiler house, one sludge de-watering house and ancillary facilities, and an extension of the existing sludge thickening house;
(g) construction of a laboratory building including the necessary equipment, office and associated stores;
(h) laying of pipelines;
(i) modification to 12 existing aeration tanks and 24 existing final sedimentation tanks;
(j) construction of odour control facilities;
(k) ancillary works including power supply system, control systems, building services installations, fire services installation, lifting appliances, cabling works, road works, process commissioning and site safety measures etc.; and
(l) interim measures such as temporary modification to the existing aeration tanks to improve the treatment process performance.
Major Improvements and Benefits
The project would increase the treatment capacity of Shatin Sewage Treatment Works to meet the long-term development needs of Shatin and Ma On Shan Districts and improve the water quality.
AECOM Asia Co. Ltd. (Environmental Monitoring & Audit)
DC/2000/02 - Sun Fook Kong (Civil) Ltd.
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SSK331 - Sun Fook Kong Construction Ltd.
DE/2000/01 - Biwater Man Lee Ltd.
DE/2001/02 - Jardine Engineering Corporation Ltd.
DE/2003/05 - Hydrotech Professional Limited
DC/2005/04 - Hang Kee Construction & Engineering Co., Ltd.
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DC/2007/21 - China Railway Engineering Corporation
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DC/2009/26 - Hing & Cheong Co. Ltd.
Contract No.
DC/2000/02; DC/2001/01, SSK331; DE/2000/01, DE/2001/02; DE/2003/05, DC/2005/04;DE/2005/01, DE/2007/04;DC/2007/21;DE/2007/08;DE/2007/07;DE/2009/22;DC/2009/26
Project Commencement Date
28 February 2001
Project Completion Date
April 2012
Project estimate
About $2,400 million
Controlling Division
Sewerage Projects Division
Sewerage and sewage treatment
Sha Tin
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