PWP No. 4237DS

Tai Po Tai Wo Road Sewage Pumping Station and Rising Mains

Project Scope

Construction of a sewage pumping station near Tai Po Tau Shui Wai, and laying of 3 km twin rising mains and 400 m gravity sewer in Tai Po area.

Major Improvements and Benefits
The Project will form an integral part of the sewerage network extension in Tai Po area to the Lam Tsuen, Hong Lok Yuen and Tai Po Tau Shui Wai areas. It will also serve to rectify the under-capacity identified at some points in the existing sewerage network in Tai Po Market.
DC/2008/01 - Lanon Development Limited
DE/2008/01 - Ryoden Engineering Company Limited
Contract No.
DC/2008/01, DE/2008/01
Project Commencement Date
30 June 2008
Project Completion Date
Mid 2013
Project estimate
About $160 million
Controlling Division
Sewerage Projects Division
Sewerage and sewage treatment
Tai Po
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