PWP No. 4222DS

Tai Po Sewage Treatment Works, Stage 5 Phase 1

Project Scope

The project aims at increasing the plant capacity of the existing Tai Po sewage treatment works to meet the demands.

The scope of the project comprises the modification, reconstruction and addition of sewage treatment facilities for the Tai Po sewage treatment works.

Major Improvements and Benefits
Upon completion of the project, Tai Po STW will have adequate capacity to meet the continuing development needs of Tai Po district.
DC/2004/10 - China Harbour Engineering Company Limited
DE/2004/05 - Chevalier ( Envirotech) Ltd
Contract No.
DC/2004/10, DE/2004/05, , ,
Project Commencement Date
25 May 2005
Project Completion Date
27 Feb 2010
Project estimate
About $460 million
Controlling Division
Sewerage Projects Division
Sewerage and sewage treatment
Tai Po
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