Drainage Services Department

PWP No. 4189CD

Drainage Improvement Works in Mui Wo

Project Scope

The scope of project comprises improvement of Tai Tei Tong river (including construction of box culverts, reconstruction of flood walls and gabion walls, modification of agricultural weirs, river reprofiling and revitalisation, construction of tidal barrier and penstocks); provision of stormwater pumping scheme at Nam Bin Wai (including stormwater pumping station at Nam Bin Wai and associated drainage works at Chung Hau , Ling Tsui Tau, Nam Bin Wai and Ma Po Tsuen); reconstruction of gabion walls at Luk Tei Tong river and Luk Tei Tong bypass channel and associated works.

Major Improvements and Benefits

The project will relieve the flood risk in the Mui Wo area.

Controlling Division
Project Management Division
Flood Prevention
Under planning & design
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