PWP No. 4187CD

Revitalisation of Tai Wai Nullah

Project Scope

The proposed works of the project comprise:

  1. beautification of the existing nullah by re-surfacing, greening and modification;
  2. provision of approximately 3 km walkways along the nullah bed and associated stairs and access ramps;
  3. provision of a dry weather flow intercepting (DWFI) system;
  4. provision of features for ecological enhancement and sustainable drainage system;
  5. construction of viewing decks and revamp of existing bridges;
  6. revamp/provision of footpaths, railings, pavilions and amenity areas along the nullah banks; and
  7. associated works including landscaping, utility works, etc.
Major Improvements and Benefits

The project is to revitalise the existing Tai Wai Nullah with aims to enhance the ecological value of the nullah, provide a greener environment, promote water friendliness and improve the community environment for building a livable city.

Controlling Division
Drainage Projects Division
Flood Prevention
Sha Tin
Under planning & design
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