Drainage Services Department

PWP No. 4184CD

Drainage Improvement in Southern Hong Kong Island – package 2A

Project Scope

The project comprises construction of about 800 metres (m) of stormwater drains with diameters ranging from 400 millimetres (mm) to 1 000 mm along the horse trail and walking trail located uphill of Pok Fu Lam Village, and about 260 m of stormwater drains with diameters ranging from 450 mm to 1 200 mm along Chi Fu Road, and ancillary works.

Major Improvements and Benefits

The proposed works comprise the construction of the drainage improvement works at the peripheral areas of Pok Fu Lam Village to intercept the stormwater upstream and divert it to the existing drainage system.  Upon completion of the drainage improvement works, the drainage system concerned will be upgraded to the current standard and the flooding risk of Pok Fu Lam Village will be further alleviated.


DC/2019/06 - Ming Hing Waterworks Engineering Company Limited

DC/2021/01 - ASL - CRFG JV

Contract No.
DC/2019/06, DC/2021/01
Project Commencement Date
13 August 2020
Project Completion Date
Mid 2024
Project estimate

$134.7 million

Controlling Division
Drainage Projects Division
Flood Prevention
Other Information
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