PWP No. 4162CD

Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Kai Tak Nullah from Po Kong Village Road to Tung Kwong Road - Stage 1

Project Scope
Its scope is as follows:
 (a) construction of about 100 m long additional twin-cell box culvert, with internal cell dimensions of 6 m in width by 4 m in height, adjoining the Kai Tak nullah across PERE;
 (b) local road widening works of about 200 m long Choi Hung Road adjacent to the section of Kai Tak nullah near Wong Tai Sin Police Station;
 (c) ancillary works including drains and sewers diversion.
Major Improvements and Benefits
The project aims at alleviating the flooding risk at Wong Tai Sin area
URS Hong Kong Limited
DC/2010/03 - Lam Construction Company Limited
Contract No.
Project Commencement Date
30 August 2010
Project Completion Date
Jan 2014
Project estimate
$159.4 million
Controlling Division
Drainage Projects Division
Flood Prevention
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