PWP No. 4157CD

Improvement of Fuk Man Road nullah in Sai Kung

Project Scope

The project comprises decking of about 180 metres (m) long and 12 m wide open nullah at Fuk Man Road in Sai Kung, landscaping works and local road junction improvement.
This project is a Hong Kong Government pilot project to try out the New Engineering Contract (NEC) to foster a partnering and collaborative working relationship between the Employer and the Contractor.

Major Improvements and Benefits

Upon completion of the project, the quality of local environment will be enhanced as a result of the landscaping works on the decked nullah and its adjacent open space. Environmental problems posed by the open nullah will be substantially reduced


DC/2008/02 - Chun Wo Construction and Engineering Co., Ltd.

Contract No.
Project Commencement Date
31 August 2009
Project Completion Date
18 May 2012
Project estimate

$95.8 million

Controlling Division
Drainage Projects Division
Flood Prevention
Sai Kung
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