Our drainage systems could continue to function properly only when they are supported by a well-planned preventive maintenance programme of inspection, desilting and repair. We conduct both functional and structural checks on a regular basis to identify problematic stormwater intakes, drains, river channels and watercourses and carry out desilting and repair works promptly, especially before and during the rainy season. In addition, it is of equal importance that the public cooperates with the Government to help avoid blockage and misuse of the system.

Extensive closed circuit television (CCTV) surveys are conducted for drains particularly where man-entry inspections are not possible. Besides carrying out regular desilting and dredging work, structural repair and rehabilitation work will be carried out when such needs are identified in the CCTV surveys.

Clearing blockages with water jetting
Clearing blockages with water jetting

Inspection of stormwater drain by closed-circuit television. (inner) A view inside a drainpipe
Inspection of stormwater drain byCCTV.
(Inner) A view inside a drainpipe

A special programme of inspecting flood control installations including stormwater pumping stations and flood warning systems, is conducted each year to ensure that they would be fully operational in times of rainstorm.

Coordinated efforts amongst relevant departments are also in place to keep the streets clean in order to prevent rubbish from blocking the roadside gullies and catchpits.

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