About the scheme


  • Draingage Services Department (DSD)’s Blue Green Ambassador Programme was first launched in 2016 for DSD Open Day 2016 to appreciate DSD’s achievement in blue green infrastructures. About 250 number of primary and secondary students joined the Programme. 
  • DSD proposed to consolidating and enhancing various existing PR activities under a Pilot Programme to engage more schools with DSD in long run. 

Nam Sang Wai River Education Trail_1 Nam Sang Wai River Education Trail_2
Shatin Sewage Treatment Works_3 Shatin Sewage Treatment Works_4

Aim of Scheme

  • Arouse the students’ awareness of DSD’s achievement in blue green infrastructures and their obligation to care for DSD infrastructures. 

Aerial Photo of Shatin Sewage Treatment Works_5 Green River_6


New Activity

Recruitment of Schools
Schools located in Shatin region were invited to join the programme in June 2017

(1) Outreaching School Talks
(2) Launching Blue Green Ambassador Visit
  • Participating schools will be invited to visit DSD’s facilities as below. Site transportation would be arranged for schools.


Venues of Blue Green Ambassador Visit
Flood Prevention
San Tin Stormwater Pumping Station + Yuen Long Bypass Floodway + Nam Sang Wai River Education Trail
Sewage Treatment Shatin Sewage Treatment Works

Outreaching School Talks_7 Blue Green Ambassador Visit_8


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Enquiry Hotline: 2891 6400/ 2594 7140
  • Email: pru@dsd.gov.hk
  • Address: 43/F, Revenue Tower, 5 Gloucester Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong (DSD PR Unit)
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