Drainage Services Department (DSD) is committed to delivering world-class quality drainage and sewerage facilities to the public. The setting up of Vetting Committee on Aesthetic Design of Pumping Station Buildings (VCAB) to vet the design of pumping station buildings and the drawing up of the relevant Guidelines for submissions in 2006 have brought substantial improvements to the aesthetic design of DSD’s pumping stations.

The DSD Technical Circular No. 3/2015 replaces and updates the Circular No. 9/2006. It expands the scope of VCAB to vet all above ground drainage services buildings and the associated landscape areas with incorporation of the requirements of Integrated Landscape Design Framework (ILDF) introduced by DEVB in March 2014.

This website provides supplementary information to facilitate the preparation of VCAB submission with consistent standards. The Project proponent should also refer to the Guidelines on Aesthetic Design of Pumping Station Buildings when preparing the submission...

VCAB Submission
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