Vertical Greening Study in DSD Facilities



The Government has been actively promoting greening in order to enhance the quality of our living environment. In this aspect, enhancement of existing green areas and provision of greening to improve the urban greenery and maximize greening opportunities in sewerage facilities become important elements in DSD projects. Apart from the aforesaid conventional greening method, green roof and vertical greening can also bring significant aesthetic and ecological benefits to the surroundings and nearby residents.


In order to collect research data in vertical greening applications, DSD has collaborated with University of Hong Kong in June 2009 to carry out a vertical greening study on four circular sludge holding tanks at Sha Tin Sewage Treatment Works to review the performance of various climber species and to identify the suitable species for growing in DSD facilities.



Objectives of Study

  1. To carry out a review based on published literature on selection of climber species and identify suitable species for planting on wall surfaces.
  2. To evaluate the performance of climber species in relation to some key growth parameters, such as aspects, supporting systems, growing medium and horticultural maintenance requirements.
  3. To monitor the cooling effect of green wall using a combination of environmental monitoring equipment.

Climber Species

Antigonon leptopus (珊瑚藤)
Bauhinia corymbosa (首冠藤)
spectabilis (簕杜鵑)
Campsis grandiflora (凌霄)
Epipremnum aurenum (綠蘿)
Ficus pumila (薜荔)
Ficus pumila cv. Variegata (花葉薜荔)
Hedera helix (常春藤)
Hedera nepalensis var. sinensis (中華長春藤)
Lonicera japonica (金銀花)
Parthenocissus dalzielii (異葉爬山虎)
Philodendron scandens (蔓綠絨)
Podranea ricasoliana (紫雲藤)
Pseudocalymma alliaceum (蒜香藤)
Pyrostegia venusta (炮仗花)
Quisqualis indica (使君子)
Syngonium podophyllum(白蝴蝶)
Trachelospermum jasminoides (絡石)
Vitis vinifera (葡萄)
Wisteria sinensis (紫藤)

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