Drainage Services Department

Disclosure Log 

The disclosure log provides summary descriptions of the nature of information requested and released under the Code on Access to Information (“the Code”) by this department.  The disclosure log will be updated on a quarterly basis.

If any member of the public wishes to obtain any information listed in the disclosure log, an information request should be made to our Access to Information Officer.  Such requests will be handled in accordance with the Code.


January to March 2023


Reference number Information requested and released


Information related to the recruitment of Public Relations Manager

1.      Information related to the project proposal and design of the four dry weather flow interceptors by Drainage Services Department in Tsuen Wan District since 2019

2.      Discussion papers for Environment, Health and Climate Change Committee regarding the construction of newly designed dry weather flow interceptor at Tsuen Wan

3.      Statistics related to the rectification of cross-connection cases in Tsuen Wan District by Drainage Services Department from 2019 to February 2023

4.      Information related to the sewage treatment process in Tsing Yi Preliminary Treatment Works

Note: The disclosure log does not cover requests from individual persons/companies for information about themselves and their complaint cases, or requests for information already published or available through an existing charged service.

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