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Flooding Blackspots

Flooding Blackspots

A systematic approach to identify flooding blackspots in the territory was established in 1994.  With the progressive completion of major flood prevention projects, the number of flooding blackspots  has reduced substantially.  In particular, all major or regional blackspots identified were removed in 2010. The drainage improvement works for some of the remaining flooding blackspots have been commissioned and their effectiveness is being monitored.  Long term improvement works for the remaining blackspots are being constructed or planned.  Detailed information on flooding blackspots is appended below.

Number of Flooding Blackspots over the years

Total Number of Flooding Blackspoots

List of Flooding Blackspots
1Shek Wu Wai, San TinYuen Long3
2Lam Tsuen Valley BasinTai Po2
3Ting Kok Road - Shuen Wan Chim Uk to Wong Yue TanTai Po3
4Chatham Road South
between Granville Road and Austin Avenue
Yau Tsim Mong1
5Pok Fu Lam VillageSouthern1
6Morrison Hill Road J/O Lap
Tak Lane

Blackspots Location Map

Definition of Flooding Blackspot Scales

  1. Minor - affecting area of less than about 50 metres x 50 metres (area less than 0.25 hectare) or resulting in minor public nuisance and inconvenience.
  2. Small - affecting area of more than 0.25 hectares or resulting in some agricultural damage, isolated property damage, or traffic disruption.
  3. Medium - affecting area of more than 10 hectares or resulting in significant property damage or serious traffic disruption.
  4. Major - affecting area of more than 100 hectares or resulting in serious social and economic disruption

The DSD blackspots list and location map are produced based on previous flooding records and complaints received by DSD for monitoring the maintenance and mitigation measures to alleviate flooding at the blackspots. Locations susceptible to flooding problems dominated by tidal influence were not included. The blackspots list and maps should not be used as an indication of the actual or hidden flood risk at any particular location in Hong Kong.