DSD Flooding Blackspot Database - Simplified Internet Version
Blackspots Identity No. 5
Location Pok Fu Lam Village
District Southern
Scale 1
Cause of Flooding 1. Local low-lying area.
2. Inadequate capacity of existing drainage system.
Responsible Division Hong Kong and Islands
Responsible District
Senior Engineer
Susanna W. W. TSANG
Telephone No. 31012353
Responsible District
Telephone No. 31012361
Year First Appeared 2001
Date of the
October 2010 (Stage I)
Short-term Mitigation Measures 1. Stage I drainige improvement works, which widened about 50 metres(m) of a covered drainage channel near Pok Fu Lam Village, was completed. The flood risk have been reduced.
2. Ad-hoc emergency team will be mobilized to clear any blockage of major drainage channel upon recorded rainfall in Southern District exceeds 50mm in the past 1 hour, hoisting of red or black rainstorm warning sighals or pre-8 Tropical Cyclone Special Announcement.
Long-term Mitigation Measures Planning of Stage 2 drainage improvement works is in progress.