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It is our vision to provide world-class stormwater drainage services enabling the sustainable development of Hong Kong.  Along this line, it is our policy to take into account ecology and environment protection needs together with drainage needs in designing, constructing and maintaining our drainage facilities.  In practice we incorporate environmentally friendly features into our drainage improvement and flood control projects as far as possible.  For example, there have been a lot of dissatisfaction about plain concrete major channels built some ten years ago.  We have now adopted more environmentally friendly designs  for new facilities.  The ecological enhancement work of Yuen Long Bypass Floodway Project  is a good example on how we addressed ecological needs in implementing drainage improvement projects.  We have also carried out enhancement of existing channels where situation permits. To promote ecological data management for green channels, DSD established the Eco-Channels Database Management System (EcoDMS) in 2013 to present the collected ecological information along the selected green channels.