The Drainage Services Department is fully committed to protect the environment when delivering the drainage services. In 2009, we met the environmental targets on conservation of energy, chemicals and paper consumption, green procurement, waste recovery and ecological enhancement. In addition to our continual effort to reduce overall energy consumption, we also conducted a carbon audit at the Shatin Sewage Treatment Works. The audit has not only provided a measurement of the carbon foot print for the sewage treatment processes at the Works, but also enhanced the knowledge within the department to extend carbon audit to other sewage treatment works in the near future.

On sewerage services, we commissioned the advance disinfection facility of the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme Stage 2A at Stonecutters Island as scheduled by end 2009. Preliminary findings suggest that the bacteriological water quality of the beaches in the Tsuen Wan area has improved significantly. To help conserve water and promote the concept of its reuse, we initiated a few pilot studies to evaluate new technologies for effluent reuse in Hong Kong, in particular on the practicality of the technologies for the saline sewage. In response to more public concern on odour arising from the collection and treatment of sewage in the densely populated urban area, we presented the situation to the LegCo members in mid 2009 and took into account their views in refining our odour management strategy.

On flood protection, we completed the construction of the Sheung Wan Floodwater Pumping Station in early 2009. The operation of the pumping station not only alleviates the risk of flooding in the low-lying Wing Lok Street and the surrounding areas in the Sheung Wan District, but also provides a promenade for the enjoyment of the public. This is an example of our strategy on sustainable development, which calls for an integration of the flood protection facilities with the community as much as practicable. The restoration of the Yuen Long nullah is another example of our commitment to improve the environment. Following a feasibility study and a series of consultations with the District Council and other stakeholders, we proceeded to the detailed investigation stage of the project in late 2009.

This report discloses our environmental performance in 2009. We welcome your comments as they would certainly help us improve further on our work. Our email address is

K.K. Lau
Director of Drainage Services