Greener Office

Conservation of resources are valued equally extensively in the office. The main fronts include Air Conditioning and Ventilation, Lighting, Office Equipment and Elevator Service.

a. All DSD offices have completed installation of electronic ballasts for fluorescent lamps, adopted T-5 tubes, used new luminaries with parabolic reflectors. Lighting areas are arranged with suitable individual switch to allow flexibility.
b. Operational measures are emphasized, including :
Switch off lighting when rooms are not occupied and during lunch time. Reduce light near windows.

Air Conditioning
The thermal setting is adjusted to 24-25oC. Heat ingress is reduced by lowering Venetian blinds or keeping windows shut. Air conditioning of unoccupied rooms is switched off.

Office Equipment
Set photocopiers and fax machines to go into hibernation mode while inactive. Advocate paper saving and paperless office to reduce energy and paper consumption for document copying and printing.

Elevator service
Promote using stairs rather than the elevator.

Economy in use of paper, paper re-use and recycling are promulgated in the department. Paper consumption was some 6% less in 2003 compared to 2002.