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DSD joined "Science in the Public Service" Campaign - Ten Years of Passion Lecture Series (Date: 5 Oct 2016)
Drainage Services Department (DSD) joined the “Science in the Public Service” (SIPS) ten years of passion lecture series at the Science Museum on 20 August and 5 October this year. Through the introduction of the Happy Valley Underground Stormwater Storage Scheme (HVUSSS) and the concept of “Revitalising Water Bodies”, DSD introduced to the public how we tackle flooding risks under the rapid urban development and extreme weather.

During the lecture on 20 August, Mr KAN Hon-shing, Chief Engineer of Drainage Projects Division, introduced the mission of DSD as well as the innovative elements of HVUSSS, including movable weirs, water harvesting system and energy saving design, etc.  Phase 1 of the underground stormwater storage tank has been in operation since March 2015 and Phase 2 is under construction for completion in 2017, which can upgrade the flood protection levels and mitigate flooding risks at Happy Valley and the vicinity of Wan Chai.

In another lecture on 5 October, Mr LEUNG Wah-ming, Richard, Senior Engineer of Land Drainage Division, presented the “Three-pronged flood protection” – interception, flood storage and local drainage improvement, and how DSD applied the concepts of revitalising water bodies and blue-green infrastructure, etc. DSD aims to promote greening, biodiversity, beautification and water-friendly activities in the new design of drainage facilities with a view to constructing sustainable drainage facilities and creating a better living environment for the public.

SIPS aims to promote scientific works from government departments and other organisations. With the theme of tackling the climate change this year, a roving exhibition on "Climate Change - Our Response" and lecture series is beungheld in June to December 2016.

The Chief Engineer of Drainage Projects Division, Mr KAN Hon-shing (left) received a souvenir from the representative of the Organiser (right)

The Senior Engineer of Land Drainage Division, Mr LEUNG Wah-ming, Richard, explained the concept of revitalising water bodies to the public


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