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From Painting Enlightened on the Entanglement between Human and Nature – Apple Daily News Interviewed DSD Senior Engineer, Mr. LEUNG Wah-ming, Richard (Date: 19 Sep 2016)
On 19 September 2016, our Senior Engineer Mr LEUNG Wah-ming, Richard gave an interview to Apple Daily News about his work and interest in painting.
At the interview, Mr Leung shared that he used to get in touch with the nature in his work and his interest in painting. At work, he is responsible for the promotion and development of river revitalisation, blue green infrastructure and sustainable drainage system as well as developing plans for the Department to bring back life to water bodies. Off work, he is a painter. He visited many water bodies in Hong Kong and captured their beauties on his painting canvas. 
From his work and painting interest, he was enlightened on the beautiful entanglement between human and mother nature, and understood the importance for us to act now to preserve nature.
The interview was published in Apple Daily News on 29 September 2016.

To view the relevant news report, please click the link below: (Chinese only)

Senior Engineer of Land Drainage Division, Mr LEUNG Wah-ming, Richard shared his interest in painting with the reporter
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