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DSD Outreach Programme and Visit to DSD Facilities (Date: 6 July 2016)
DSD is fully committed to promote our work on sewage treatment and flood prevention to the public. The younger generation in particular is our main target.
Thanks for the active participation of schools and organizations in our Outreach Programme as well as visit to our facilities. In the 1st half of 2016, we visited various Primary and Secondary schools and introduced our work to more than 1,700 students. In addition, we received 2,648 visitors from 170 organisations to our sewage treatment and flood prevention facilities.
Schools and organisations are welcome to join our Outreach Programme and visit our sewage treatment and flood prevention facilities. Please visit the following website for more information on application:

DSD’s staff was introducing our work on flood prevention in the San Tin Flood Prevention Information Centre 


Response of students was very enthusiastic in our Outreach Programme

Visit to Shatin Sewage Treatment Works

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