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DSD has won two awards in The Ombudsman's Awards 2015 (Date: 3 November 2015)
DSD's colleagues, namely Mr Jacky C K CHAN, Engineer of Consultants Management Division, and Mr Alan S L LAW, Engineer of Harbour Area Treatment Scheme Division, have won two individual Awards for Officers of Public Organisations in The Ombudsman's Awards 2015. Individual Awards were given to our colleagues, for their outstanding performance in providing quality customer service.

The Ombudsman's Awards Scheme was introduced in 1997. In 1999, the Scheme was extended to honour individual public officers. In 2011, the scope of the Awards was further extended to recognise public officers' efforts in handling enquiries and complaints relating to the Code on Access to Information. The Awards we won have shown DSD’s dedication to providing high quality service as well as looking after genuine care for the public.  The Awards are also the results of the concerted efforts of the colleagues of the Department for serving the public.


Our Director, Mr Edwin K H Tong (left 5), Deputy Director, Mr K W Mak (left 3), Assistant Director/Projects & Development, Mr H L Cheng (right 4), Assistant Director/Sewage Services, Mr K M Chau (right 3), and the other members of the management attended the Ceremony to show their support and took photo with the Awardees


The two Awardees Officers of Public Organisations of this Department, Mr Jacky C K Chan (left), Engineer of Consultants Management Division and Mr Alan S L Law (right), Engineer of Harbour Area Treatment Scheme Division


Photo taken among The Ombudsman, Ms Connie Lau, the 50 Awardees Officers and the representatives of Public Organisations

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