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Dragon Boat Racing 2015 (Date: 11 Aug 2015)
DSD’s dragon boat team is an active candidates for various dragon boat races every year. Same as previous years, DSD’s dragon boat team participated in the "2015 Shatin Dragon Boat Race" and "The 12th CLP Dragon Boat Friendship Cup 2015" held on 20 June and 11 July respectively. Dragon boating demands not only strength, skills and stamina, but also team spirit. This year, DSD’s dragon boat team embarked on weekly practices at Shing Mun River in Shatin as early as April to gear up for the contests. Dragon boating allows DSD colleagues to experience the Chinese traditional festival atmosphere, and offers a good opportunity for colleagues to do exercises outside office hour as well as boosting their rapport and teamwork with each other.

Both races took place on beautiful sunny days which were ideal for dragon boating. The Director and Deputy Director of Drainage Services attended the events to cheer for our team. With the team effort and perseverance, DSD’s dragon boat team played fantastic races with the other strong rivals and eventually achieved excellent and encouraging results.

DSD’s dragon boat team won the third runner up in the "2015 Shatin Dragon Boat Race" men's medium boat event

Group photo of DSD's dragon boat team in "The 12th CLP Dragon Boat Friendship Cup 2015"

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