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DSD awarded Agreement No. CE 70/2014 (DS) “Application of Reference Class Forecasting to Drainage and Sewerage Projects – Feasibility Study” (Date: 26 Feb 2015)

The Drainage Services Department signed a $2.36 million consultancy agreement on 26 February 2015 with Advisian Limited for the application of “Reference Class Forecasting” in drainage and sewerage projects.

“Reference Class Forecasting” is a forecasting methodology developed by Professor Bent Flyvbjerg of the University of Oxford, U.K.. It achieves accuracy in projections by basing them on the actual performance of a reference class of similar past projects.

The consultancy comprises a feasibility study of the aforementioned application and the development of reference classes for project forecasting purposes. The agreement will last for about 18 months.

Assistant Director / Projects and Development, Mr. CHENG Hung-leung (second left), Chief Engineer / Sewerage Projects, Mr. Wong Sui-kan (first left), and Director of Advisian Limited, Mr. Peter William WEILEY (second right), attended the Agreement Signing Ceremony. 

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