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Ming Pao, Oriental Daily and Sing Pao Interview DSD about Revitalisation of Water Bodies
On 17 February 2015, Ming Pao, Oriental Daily and Sing Pao conducted an interview with our Chief Engineers, Mr. HO Yiu-kwong and Mr. LUK Wai-hung, on the topic of Revitalisation of Water Bodies.  The interview covered the concept of revitalising water bodies incorporated in DSD’s drainage projects, as well as several river improvement projects which were completed, ongoing or under planning.  Our Senior Engineer, Mr. LEUNG Wah-ming, Richard, also introduced the greening and ecological elements incorporated in the projects, and that DSD would consider the opportunity of revitalising the water bodies while enhancing the flood protection level of river channels.  During the site visit at Upper Lam Tsuen River, the Ecology Consultant of DSD, Dr. Mark SHEA, also shared his findings on the post-construction ecological monitoring of Upper Lam Tsuen River.


The Chief Engineer / Drainage Projects, Mr. LUK Wai-hung (first right), the Chief Engineer / Land Drainage, Mr. HO Yiu-kwong (second right), and the Senior Engineer, Mr. LEUNG Wah-ming, Richard (third right), introducing the concept of Revitalisation of Water Bodies


The Chief Engineer, Mr. LUK Wai-hung, presenting the greening and ecological mitigation measures at Upper Lam Tsuen River

Dr. Mark SHEA explaining the ecological habitat of Upper Lam Tsuen River

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