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The First Batch of Sewage Treatment facilities of DSD Obtained ISO 55001 Asset Management System Certification (Date: 29/05/2014)

DSD is committed to providing world-class wastewater treatment and stormwater drainage services. In order to make more effective use of resources and manage the associated facilities, the Electrical and Mechanical Branch of DSD has commenced to implement the Asset Management System (AMS) in stages since 2013. Ho Pong Street and Hung Hom Bay sewage pumping stations were selected to launch AMS as pilot projects. Certification to Publicly Available Specification (PAS 55) which is published by British Standards Institution was obtained on 28 November 2013.

In January 2014, International Organization for Standardization launched a new asset management standard ISO 55001. This new standard not only addressed public demand for the continued provision of quality drainage service but also put in practice the DSD’s mission to manage asset in a cost-effective and environmentally manner. Hence the Electrical and Mechanical Branch of DSD began in February to apply the new standard to the AMS of 7 different sizes / types and sizes of the sewage treatment works, and the 2 aforesaid sewage pumping stations via pilot projects. Through the new standard, a set of maintenance strategies and objectives were then established in the AMS taking into consideration of a balance of factors to eliminate or reduce risks as far as possible and to enhance reliability and utilization of critical electrical and mechanical equipment in a cost effective manner. With the effort of all DSD staff, DSD successfully obtained the certification on 29 May 2014.

Through this certification, DSD colleagues gained the knowledge in establishment of AMS, risk management system and the related processes in ISO 55001 certification. The lesson learnt and experience gained are beneficial in paving the way to extend the AMS in the department for total asset management in the next stage.


Certification audit conducted by auditor from Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency at Sham Tseng Sewage Treatment Works

Group photo with certification auditor from Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency and DSD colleagues from Sewage Treatment Divisions at To Kwa Wan Preliminary Treatment Works



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