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Assistant Director/Sewage Services of Drainage Services Department, Mr. CHAN Pak-keung was awarded as an Honorary Fellow of International Association for Hydro-Environment Engineering and Research - Hong Kong Chapter (IAHR-HK) (Date: 24 March 2014)

Assistant Director/ Sewage Services of the Drainage Services Department, Mr. Chan Pak Keung, was awarded an Honorary Fellow of the International Association of the Hydro-environment Engineering and Research - Hong Kong Chapter (IAHR-HK) at their Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the evening of 24 March 2014. This is in recognition of Mr. Chan's dedication and vision to lifelong learning of hydraulic engineers as well as his exceptional contributions to the design and construction of hydro-environment engineering projects.

Before this AGM of IAHR-HK, Mr. Chan gave a talk entitled "Hydraulic Aspects of the Harbour Area Treatment Scheme Stage 2A (HATS2A)" to introduce the background, conceptual hydraulic design and benefits of HATS2A. 

Mr. Chan Pak Keung received the award from Professor Wai Wing Hong, Onyx, Chairman of IAHR-HK

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