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Construction of Butterfly Valley Road Pet Garden completed (Date: 26/01/2014)

The construction of Butterfly Valley Road Pet Garden has now been completed and it will open at the end of February. It will be the largest pet garden in Kowloon and is set to provide recreational space for members of the public and their pets. A joint project of the Drainage Services Department and the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the garden was built on the maintenance area above a large flood prevention infrastructure.

The garden is situated above the stilling basin of Lai Chi Kok Drainage Tunnel at 2 Butterfly Valley Road, and has an area of about 7,000 square metres. It was decorated under the theme "Jumping on a Floating Piece of Wood" with a ripple patterned footpath and a raft-like platform on the lawn against the backdrop of the drainage tunnel underneath. Various pet facilities include pet drinking fountains and playground equipment such as pipe play tunnels, weave poles and jumping hoops.

Officiating at the completion ceremony today (January 26), the Director of Drainage Services, Mr Chan Chi-chiu, said Lai Chi Kok Drainage Tunnel is a major flood prevention project for northwest Kowloon. To fully utilise the precious land resources, the stilling basin of the tunnel was constructed under the viaduct of Tsing Sha Highway while a pet garden was built above it, thus enabling a piece of land to serve the purposes of flood prevention, transportation and recreation at the same time. Moreover, rainwater collected by the tunnel will be treated for gardening, toilet flushing and street cleaning, making the best use of the precious water resources.

Also officiating at the ceremony, the Deputy Director of Leisure and Cultural Services (Leisure Services), Mr Bobby Cheng, said that the number of pet lovers is growing and the opening of the garden will help alleviate the pressing demand for pet gardens in the district. It will also help enhance public awareness of animal protection and drive home the message that humans and other animals can live in harmony.


Officiating guests officiate at the Butterfly Valley Road Pet Garden Unveiling Ceremony today (January 26)

Director of Drainage Services, Mr Chan Chi-chiu delivers a speech at the ceremony

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